Spiritual Frequencies:

A Flowing Path to Self-Worth.

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Those of you that previously joined us for the LOOKING OUT FROM UNDER series of practical mysticism, learned ways of delving deeply into the psyche in order to shine a light on hidden blockages to the divine nature in all of us. That was a descending path towards the lower self with the intention of union with the higher self.

Marylo and Fe invite you now to understand the oscillating frequencies that are meant to shake you up!

  • time moving faster
  • feelings of anxiety
  • synchronicity
  • surprise revelations of things previously hidden
  • physical discomforts
  • increased intuition or empathy

and other similar energetic events

Recommended textbook: FREQUENCY by Penny Pierce, available on Amazon.com (Fe has a limited quantity). You are HIGHLY encouraged to read chapters before sessions.


Do You Feel It?

This RETURN TO InESSENCE new series centers on the challenge of “surfing” the waves of energy that could transform and elevate you and others.


Class Descriptions

Each session is 90 minutes and will comprise of discussion, experiential activity and journaling. Questions or topics to ponder and/or meditate can be brought up in the ast 30 minutes of each session.



Feb 21 and 25 Chapters 1-3

Transformative Nutrition for Vibrational Living

  • Ingestion: upgrading what you take in
  • Digestion: absorbing the positive
  • Elimination: releasing the expectations
  • Integration: using what you have–willpower, talents, skills etc.


Mar 18 and 21 Chapter 5

Finding your Home Frequency

Taking Control of your Health by Monitoring Your Vibrational Levels


Apr 15 and 18 Chapter 8 Part I

Reframing how we see “Problems”

Making Choices through the Body Mind: Gut, Heart, BrainMaking Choices through the Body Mind


May 13 and 16 Chapter 8 Part II

Higher Level Problem Solving

Recognizing Upscale Solutions


June 17 and 20 Chapter 7 Part I

The Flow of Relationships

  • Finding Resonance with Others
  • The Will–Yours and others’


Jul 15 and 18 Chapter 7 Part II

Inclusiveness: Loving people where they are

  • Family of Origin
  • Family of Choice (Ohana)
  • Who are your (Go-To) People?


Aug 19 and 22 (Chapter 4)

Allowing for Change in Relationships

  • Recognizing Troughs and Peaks and Mastering the Turns
  • Gratitude and Its Spiritual Benefits


Optional activity during break:

Meetings to discuss book chapters not covered


Pathwork” by  International Pathwork Foundation

Frequency” by Penny Pierce

I am Word” by Paul Selig


A Flowing Path to Self-Worth takes you further into the process of becoming soul-aware and soul-connected.

Relationships–with the self and others can be a mystical experience.”